Daniel Deusser's groom Sean: "These are my absolute Back on Track favourites!'

Daniel Deusser's groom Sean: "These are my absolute Back on Track favourites!'

Sean Lynch is top showjumper Daniel Deusser's groom, and he is absolutely in love with Back on Track. In this blog, he introduces us to his favourite products. 

First up: The halter 


Perfect for every situation: Traveling, in the walker, washing horses, ... It's super soft and looks extremely chic! 

Next for me: The mesh rug


Wow wow wow! These blankets are perfect. I use mine mainly for the shows
and even in the summer I never had a horse too hot or too cold... There are many colours
available. Seeing as we use blue, everything matches. Which leads me to the
next ...

Stable boots

I use these mainly at shows but have also traveled to national shows
with them as travel boots. I use them a lot before jumping. I put them on after the morning schooling and leave them on until the class. The horses' legs stay in great shape! Also, when arriving in a new place after a long drive, the bandages come off and the stable boots go on! 


Mesh neck pieces 

I just invested in these now seeing as the winter is coming and I’m
seriously impressed! I used them at the World Cup show in Lyon and the horses stay so
warm with the mesh rug and the neck piece. Altogether it’s a great


Now my absolute favourite ...

Liam sweater

This should be in everyone’s closet! You can wear in the stable, in the office
or even on a day off away from work. They are so light, so comfy. This sweater is one of my personal
favourites from the collection! 


The men’s t-shirt 

Now call me crazy, but I was given one of these by Back on Track France
In Cannes this year! I told them that I felt like an old man when I leave the truck after 10 hours of driving. I tried this on the way home to see, and seriously felt like a normal human again! The following day, I drove to Sopot without the t-shirt. Needless to say, that was a big mistake. I felt like an old man again! 


For me, Back on Track is seriously one of the best companies with the best
products on the market now for horses, humans, and dogs. 
I’m very excited about the new collection of blankets to come out.

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