Yuri Mansur to auction his best horses...

Yuri Mansur to auction his best horses...

“I am surprised that people didn’t expect me to host an auction with my good horses,” Yuri laughs. “I’ve been selling my best horses for as long as I can remember! For example First Devision, Inferno, H5 Chaganus, Quartz de la Lande and Cornetto K… First Devision was successfully jumping at CSI5*-level at the age of 9 when I sold him to Sheikh Ali Al Thani and they are still successful up to today! The same applies for Cornetto K and the others. H5 Chaganus even jumped recently at the Pan American Games with Eduardo Menezes!”

“I really like the idea of an auction,” Yuri continues “because of two important reasons. Firstly, you can really make a plan for the horse. In a normal situation you plan your shows, but just before or after you leave for the show somebody wants to try the horse, which is not ideal. Than you don’t plan a show for a few weeks, and nobody comes to look at the horse… The timing is so difficult when trying to sell a horse, which brings me to my second point: you don’t do what is right for the horse. When you have a horse you want to sell, it is easy to just start jumping bigger and bigger, without really taking your time to produce the horse. In this system it is easier. We take a group of horses, take our time to get to know them, find out what is the right job for the horse, produce them without rushing and when the timing is right: we sell them! And now it is perfect to plan: you know that the horses are being tried out the two weeks before the auction, so you adjust to that, and afterwards you can just continue without too much hassle.”

“Since this is our first auction, I have put in a bit different kind of horses, to learn and understand the market better. Eventually I want to evaluate this auction and then maybe do an auction twice a year, because I really like the idea of handling the business in this way. After showing these horses for quite some time, it is really easy to tell something about them,” Yuri explains. “For example Lou Lou VLS is a horse with a lot of experience already, who already even showed her skills at five star level! She is a real fighter that wants to be clear, a real horse for the future. Fangio Du Grand Champ on the other hand is a lot more green. He jumped quite some national competitions up to 1m40 level, but also shows that he is careful and has a lot of scope. Hebron VDL on the other hand is a look-a-like of his father Goldfever, so maybe we need to sell him to Ludger Beerbaum (laughs). He is not really flashy, but he is very careful and smart and has a really nice rideability! Late Night S is in my stable since he was 5 years old. He has a funny front technique but is really really careful! He has so much scope that he also feels really safe, which makes him suitable for many riders. Carlsson 72 is also a horse that can suit many riders. He has enormous scope! He has quality enough for a professional rider but also has the rideability and mindset to jump a big class with an amateur as well. M-Corona on the other hand is still really green. She has a good mentality and looks to have a lot of scope, but has no show experience yet. California 19 used to be a really good jumper, with experience up to 1m50 level, but got produced more recently as a hunter. It is not my field of expertise, but I have been told that he could be one of the better hunters of the century… Lerco van Stede ten Heede is also a horse that can fit many people: he is easy to ride and cool in the mind, which makes him also a super amateur horse. The same applies to Sandro Son Z. He is a beautiful type and a really nice horse. He is super smooth, pretty and really brave. Canada de Hus is also a horse is expect a lot from. He is flashy, crazy careful and has a lot of scope! Fanta is also a horse with enormous scope. He is a big horse, so he will need a bit more time but I think a lot of riders will like him as well! Especially amateurs that are looking for a safe feeling in a big track.”

But we wondered, with all these nice horses for sale, will you still be riding at five-star-level? “Of course! Last weekend I’ve finished third with Casantos in the CSI4* Grand Prix of Valence, he is a horse of one of my sponsors. I recently acquired Alfons RA, of whom I also have high expectations, and I am waiting on Babylotte, Ibelle ASK and Vitiki to make their come-back. It is a shame to see this good horses leave for sure, but it is my business and what is necessary to keep competing in the big sport. It also gives me a lot of pleasure to see horses like Inferno, Chaganus and First Devision do well in the sport. So let’s hope this auction turns out to be a success, so we can already start preparing the next one!” Yuri smiles.

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