Henrik von Eckermann: "I'm ready to beat Peder Fredricson"

Henrik von Eckermann: "I'm ready to beat Peder Fredricson"

The organization behind the Longines Global Champions Tour changed the location of the last two legs of their competition to Samorin. But what do Henrik von Eckermann and Peder Fredricson think of that?

Henrik Von Eckermann: "They couldn't find a better place for the last to legs of the Longines Global Champions Tour. When I heard they changed it to here in Samorin I was really happy about it because I know the place from before and it's the perfect place to have a good show."

Peder Fredericson: "It's really exciting coming close to the final. At the end of these two weeks we know who is the team winner and the individual winner so these are going to be an exciting two weeks."

Henrik von Eckermann: "I'm really happy to be here. It's great competition and great facility. The stables are great, the fooding is great, so we're looking forward to have a good competition. We both have our best horses here so I'm ready to beat Peder", he says with a smile. 

Source: LGCT