Lieven Hendrickx: "Very happy that Jumping Mechelen was such a good edition"

Lieven Hendrickx: "Very happy that Jumping Mechelen was such a good edition"

The LH Group is a well known company in the international showjumping world. The horse trucks of Lieven Hendrickx are almost famous and drive from show to show. Since no competitions are being organized anymore, a big part of his income, has disappeared as well. "This will be a year to forget as soon as possible", Hendrickx says.

"Of course we became a victim of the current crisis as well", Lieven Hendrickx says. "Actually we can be lucky that we had a really good edition of Jumping Mechelen this year. 100.000 visitors are coming to this event each year and our sale was very good there. Our company is 16 years old right now and we have known a growth of 20% in the last couple of months. Of course that doesn't apply anymore now. This virus is really affecting our company". 

Hendrickx continues: "We were in full preparation of the outdoor season, but since competitions are not being held right now, we don't sell as much as we used to anymore. Our sales numbers have sunk by 30% in march and I expect them to sink by 70% in April. We do sell through our online webshop, but obviously not as much as we used to. The products we are still selling are grooming products and horse feed, but stuff like clothes or tack, remain in the shop". 

Hendrickx had to take measures considering his staff as well: "Since we don't sell on shows anymore and since our shops are closed, I unfortunately had to make the decision to put part of our staff on 'temporary unemployment'. This was a hard decision to make but right now we have to do everything in our power to keep our company healthy. We still have four employees who prepare the online orders of our customers. They're working from a different room each so the risk of contagion is as low as possible. They also wash their hands regularly and we do follow the measures the government is ordering us to follow. This is the only way to get a grip on this virus and to start working again in a normal way as soon as possibile". 

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