Jens Wawrauchek: "I actually started using the EMC supplements by accident"

Jens Wawrauchek is a well-know rider and jumps from one placing to another. We talked about his secret: "Simple: I only used the best products for my horses and those products are the supplements of EMC", he states.

“I actually started using the supplements of EMC by accident”, Wawrauchek laughs. “I wanted to order another brand so I was a little bit surprised when the supplements arrived. I however decided to start using them anyway and the rest is history. I contacted the EMC and they offered me to try some of their products and I was immediately convinced. The results I got with my horses are just amazing. What I really like is that they keep it nice and simple but they still have the best results”, he continues.

“I don’t really have a favorite product since they’re all very good. I think EMC has a product suited for each horse and every situation. For example, I really like the lactanaze for my horses on the show. They have to jump several classes a weekend and this product really makes them recover very fast. They feel strong and fresh each day and that’s what counts. In general I can say that my horses clearly feel better and are more motivated since I started using the EMC products. I do not only use the products for my competition horses, I also use the products for my younger or older horses that could use some extra support so EMC for sure has a product suited for each horse”.

“If I would recommend the products to a friend? For sure. I also talked to friends and other riders who are using the products as well and they are all very happy about it. The philosophy of the brand is amazing and suits me: no nonsense, keep it simple and keep your horses happy and healthy!”

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