Meet Wrenwood Stables who is offering their best horses in the Celtic Collection!

Meet Wrenwood Stables who is offering their best horses in the Celtic Collection!

Two striking stallion foals, one of them a grandson of Centa de Muze, and two beautiful geldings are the horses presented by Wrenwood Stables in the Celtic Collection of The AlexDelazer Auction – 11|14 september on

Dan Walsh and Stacey Babes are the names behind Wrenwood Stables. Based in Dublin, Ireland, together they have produced and sold many horses that have competed successfully at the top level in both showjumping and eventing.In showjumping, one of the most special horses they have sold is certainly Peder Fredricson’sH&M Sibon (KWPN, 2004, Sibon W x Baloubet du Rouet). “I purchased H&M Sibon from Wrenwood Stables as a 7 year old. Sibon was everything and more that Dan and Stacey promised he would be. We jumped successfully at the highest level of our sport, including the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. Sibon loved to be competitive and I believe his early years of education at Wrenwood taught him to believe that he could be a winner”, are the words used by Fredricson to describe Sibon.

Another star they have sold is Coco Bongo (2005, Rhein, Caretino x Calido 1), Eric Lamaze’ssuper horse. “Through Dan I purchased Coco Bongo, who turned out to be the superstar Dan told us he would be,” says Stacy Willsone “When we tried him, Dan told me that he was very special and he was certainly right. He won his first Grand Prix we jumped him in, and jumped clear in his first ever World Cup in Leipzig. I am certainly forever grateful”.Coco Bongo went on to represent Canada at the 2015 Pan American games and also jumped adouble clear for Canada’s gold medal effort in the 2018 Nation’s Cup, Ocala, Florida.

“I met Dan and Stacey in Spain many years ago”, says Alan Waldman, husband of Danielle GWaldman. “I was impressed with the quality of their horses and care. Luckily, Dani and I got toknow them, and we started doing business. That’s how we found Lizziemary! Every time theyhave tipped us on a horse, we have been lucky, there are not many people around with such agood eye for horses”.And what a partnership Dani and Lizzie became… To date they have won 3 Longines GlobalChampions Tours and two 5* Grand Prix’s! Their winnings totalling an astonishing €1.370 million euros! Along with these amazing victories, they have also jumped a European Championships and a World Equestrian Games!

These are only some of several 5* success stories Dan and Stacey were involved in.For many years Dan and Stacey have been doing business with Richard Sheane, Cooley Farm. In that time, they have sold him some really successful eventers, one being ‘Cooley Showtime’ who subsequently went on to win a bronze medal in the 7 year old Eventing World Breeding Championships for Young Horses at Le Lion d’Angers.With their combined passion for the sport and love of horses, their breeding programme wasborn.Through this, there are offspring from mares that are currently competing in today’s top sport, along with mares from proven 1.60m families, including the mother of ‘H&M Sibon' and two wonderful daughters from super mare ‘Centa de Muze,’ ‘Phia de Regor,’ and ‘Kerly de Regor,’ who is currently Stacey’s top Grand Prix mare.

“We are very excited to present a stallion son from this famous family as part of the celticcollection!”