Quotes after the World Cup in Lyon

Quotes after the World Cup in Lyon
Daniel Deusser GER (1st) : “ I have been jumping young horses in Belgium for the last three weeks so I just started the World Cup here in Lyon. My plan now is to go to Verona, Stuttgar and Madrid, and I will also be competing with First Class and Cornet D’Amour over the next few weeks. In December I will then make a new plan but I’m definitely hoping to get to Omaha for Final!”


Romain Duguet SUI (2nd) : “I used to like Daniel, but not anymore! Lyon is a fabulous show and I’m very happy with second place today. My horse is in super form at the moment!”


Lorenzo de Luca ITA (3rd) - when asked if he walks the course and discusses things with Daniel Deusser since they both work for Stephex Stables - “yes, sometimes we do, but Daniel didn’t share all the good advice today!”


Frank Rothenberger, Course Designer : “I was worried about getting too many clears because there were a lot in the jump-offs at the first two legs in Oslo and Helsinki. So for the first time I put the first obstacle at 1.60m, it’s not technically difficult but it’s big for a first fence. I was aiming for less than 10 in the jump-off off and we had eight so I was happy. The infrastructure here at Lyon is very good, the warm-up by the stables and another warm-up beside the competition arena - the actual arena is big for an indoor show so horses jump well here and that makes my job more difficult!”


Olivier Robert FRA (5th) - “In Helsinki I had one down in the jump-off but today we had only eight (in the jump-off) so I was in a better position. Because I was first in in the jump-off I had to be a bit careful but it looks good for coming season. My next competition will be at Stuttgart and then we will see. I’ve had quite a difficult year and had to take time in September to have a think about things. Philippe Guerdat has helped me a lot and Michel Robert also.”


Sylvie Robert, Show Director Lyon: “Thank you to Frank for his great courses and to the FEI for having the confidence in Lyon to stage a World Cup qualifier. And thank you to Longines for supporting the World Cup and for helping the sport to develop and get more media attention.”