Falsterbo Horse Show wants to allow public during event and innovates

Falsterbo Horse Show wants to allow public during event and innovates

The organization of the Falsterbo Horse Show has made a statement on social media about her upcoming event: "The big question the organisation is working on at the moment is how much public we can welcome to this summer's event. Like all other event participants, we are awaiting new information from the Public Health Authority and the Government".

"The dressage riders who will participate in the Olympics are already in Tokyo when Falsterbo takes place. Therefore, instead of the international dressage, we will organise two national Grand Prix classes, GP and GP KΓΌr, where the Swedish elite will compete. All national dressage classes for young horses, youngsters, ponies and amateurs will be held as planned.

Falsterbo has also developed a document with clear plans and guidelines on how to hold a safe event this summer. Jana Wannius, chairman of Falsterbo Horse Show tells us more about the summer.

We intend to hold competitions this summer. It will be the current restrictions that will determine in what crowd size the summer Falsterbo Horse Show will be. If due to restrictions it is also not possible to hold the international show jumping competitions, the last four days will be an elite meeting combined with all the young horse finals.

To our loyal visitors who kept their dressage tickets to Falsterbo Horse Show from 2020 to 2021, we hope they will keep their tickets and come to us 9-17 July 2022 instead. More information on ticketing will be available in early May.

We remain optimistic about this summer's Falsterbo Horse Show and are doing everything we can to welcome you to this summer's competitions from 10-18 July 2021".

Source: Instagram