Steve Guerdat wins CSI5* Grand Prix of Waregem

Steve Guerdat wins CSI5* Grand Prix of Waregem

The highlight of the weekend has just been jumped in Waregem: the CSI5* Grand Prix. The riders got to jump a very difficult course: only seven riders managed to keep the zero on the score board in the initial round. 

Quick Results

1. Guerdat - Alamo

2. Lynch - Ruben Ls La Silla

3. Kühner - Elektric Blue P

Yves Vanderhasselt was the first rider to enter the ring for the jump-off. With Jeunesse (f. Eldorardo Vd Zeshoek) under the saddle, he jumped a clear round in 43,62 seconds. He became the best Belgian rider on the fourth place. With this time he immediately set an example for the other riders: they knew what they had tot do, ride clear and ride faster. Gilles Thomas was the second rider to enter for the jump-off. He and Konak (f. Nabab de Reve) jumped a fast round, but they got one penalty for jumping. This would result in a fifth place for this young Belgian combination. Third rider to enter was James Wilson. He did manage to jump a faster round than Vanderhasselt but they got one penalty for jumping as well. Max Kühner was next to enter. With Elektric Blue P (f. Eldorado vd Zeshoek) he immediately went fast as lightening. At the end of the course he did slow down a but he did manage to ride faster than Vanderhasselt. 

After that it was up to the number one in the world: Steve Guerdat. He rode the KWPn gelding Alamo (f. Ukato). He did what a number one is expected to do: he rode faster than Kühner and he did it by three seconds. At that moment there were two riders would could still steal Guerdat's vicotry: the Irish Denis Lynch and the Belgian rider Jérôme Guery. 

Denis Lynch was the first rider. It immediately became clear that he really wanted to win. He jumped Ruben Ls La Silla (f. Rebozo Ls La Silla) to a clear round, but in the end his time of 38,26 seconds wasn't enough to take the victory home. Then it was up to Jérôme Guery. He did everything in is power to give the crowd a Belgian crowd a home victory but he and Quel Homme de Hus (f. Quidam de Revel) got one penalty for jumping and ended on seventh place.