Steve Guerdat: "You don't need to doubt it, Alamo has his own character ... "

Steve Guerdat: "You don't need to doubt it, Alamo has his own character ... "

The world number one show jumping rider, Steve Guerdat impressed last weekend with a major Grand Prix victory in Waregem. "It was a nice competition in Waregem, one that learned me a lot," states Guerdat.

"A different course builder has taught myself and my horses a lot in Waregem. It was nice to ride some different logic in the courses, this was a really good exercise." continues the world number one show jumping rider. "As there were not many riders qualified for the jump-off I didn't had the time to analyze everybody's course, nevertheless Alamo felt great and I just decided to go all the way for victory."

For Guerdat last week was his first time in Waregem. "Every year I  take a lot of time to make my calendar. I don't want to participate if I don't feel like having a chance to win. That's why I carefully construct the training and competition agenda for each horse." states Guerdat.

"This week I for example will compete in Barcelona and Alamo will join me again at the first indoor World Cup in Helsinki."

About Alamo

"Alamo has his own character, you don't need to doubt it. He's in ownership of Mr. Pasquel (MEX) who asked me to compete Alamo two years ago. Before he competed Alamo himself. The nice thing about him? He really fights for you."

"Our season wasn't perfect after a minor injury, but now I do think we're back on track."

"Alomo's best quality is his character. He is super sensitive. Every change - as small as it might look - in his surroundings or in the saddle triggers him. That makes him hard to ride but as well makes him the top horse he is today."