Two top five placings for Chloe Reid on German ground

Two top five placings for Chloe Reid on German ground

The rest of Europe still has to wait for competitions to start again, but the German professional riders are allowed to compete for a few weeks now. While it were mainly the German riders who ruled the show in Grossviegeln yesterday, the American Chloe Reid jumped to two top five placings as well. 

In the KI.M** class, she ended on second place. Chloe Reed rode Crossover 4 (f. Cascadello I) tot the finish in 59,28 seconds. Only the German rider Steffen Krehl rode a faster time with his Conchito 7 (f. Chacco-Blue). They cleared the course in 57,63. Steffen Krehl and Accina T (f. Colman) ended in third position. 

Siegmar Stroehmer (Cermit 20) and Henry Delfs (D Consuela) completed the top five.

The victory in the other KI.M** class, went to Steffen Krehl again. He jumped Lintero (f. Loran) clear to the finish in 57,73 seconds. Philipp Makowei and Conto Blanco 2 (f. Cellestial) ended second. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and I'm Blue (f. Den Ham Blue R) ended on third place. They finished in in 60,37 seconds.

Hannes Prehl (Cecilie 13) and Chloe Reid (Crossover 4) completed the top five.