UPDATE: Samshield helmets recalls #2 helmets produced in April

UPDATE: Samshield helmets recalls #2 helmets produced in April
In an article on an American sensation website some false information about the Samshield helmets was announced. We took the time to contact Mr. Sam from Samshield and ask a little bit more information about the Samshield recalling helmets-case.

The #02 helmets models produced in 04/15 meets the American certification ASTM F1163-04a (require-ments of this certification are higher than previous CE-EN1384-2012) but Samshield have recently noticed that due to a manufacture error these helmets could sometimes not being conform to the new certification CE-VG1-040 that is claimed on their label.

This label discrepancy is considered as a safety risk for the user of these helmets.

Safety and transparency being a priority for the brand, Samshield kindly ask their clients to check their Samshield #02 helmet model (Shadowmatt or Premium models). For this purpose, Samshield ask them to check the production date on the sticker which is in the helmet, under the liner (please see picture below).

If it’s a ‘‘#02 / production date 04/15’’ Samshield kindly ask to bring it back to the retailer who has sold the helmet in order to send it to Samshield or to send the helmet directly to Samshield to enable them to check it and, if necessary, exchange it for a model which should not represent any doubt regarding the certification claimed on its label.