Belgian victory for Karel Cox in Prix des 130 and de la Tour Eiffel

Battles between France and Belgium are heated in July…a year after the Belgians fell to the French in the Football World Cup, they returned and claimed the title in the Prix des 130 ans de la Tour Eiffel at 1.45m. Karel Cox and Evert of Belgium had the fastest time in the field. 

Said Cox, “Evert is a horse that I’ve been riding for a year and a half, so now we’re starting to know each other. I know the horse can be very fast, which is a quality I benefited from today. To win at Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping is amazing. It’s a beautiful place. The crowd is amazing, supporting all the riders even when we are in the lead with three French riders at our heels!

And what a thrilling France vs. Belgium match it was! Finishing behind Cox was three French riders—Julien Epaillard in second and Olivier Robert with Roger-Yves Bost who tied for third.

Again, the French are in good form for the final day of competition at the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, ready to showcase their abilities in the last event of the CSI5 * Longines Eiffel Challenge.


Photo by Sportfot