World Cup Finals in Gothenburg will go ahead

World Cup Finals in Gothenburg will go ahead

Because of the rhino-outbreak and the 'lockdown' until 28 March, many people weren't sure if the World Cup Finals were going to be able to take place. According to the organization, there is no need to worry. 

On Facebook they say:

'We are currently receiving many questions regarding the EHV-1 virus which after a competition in Spain is now spreading out in Europe.

FEI has introduced international competition stop in ten countries in Europe until March 28, which is currently without affecting Gothenburg Horse Show and the World Cup finals. Obviously, we follow the development carefully and are in constant contact with FEI, SvRF, and responsible veterinarians.

EHV-1 is not a new virus but something the equestrian world has dealt with in the past, even though it is a very big outbreak going on right now. As an experienced organizer of international equestrian competitions, GHS has well-developed crisis preparedness plans that can be activated quickly if necessary. In this case, it means extra arrival checks on all horses and procedures that ensure a safe procedure in place in the stables in Scandinavium. This checkup was successfully used in 2019 when we dealt with the flu virus that spread shortly before the event.

We suffer with all affected'