Alsharbatly wins Grand Prix of Riyadh

Alsharbatly wins Grand Prix of Riyadh

Yesterday the Grand Prix was jumped in Riyadh and the victory went to Abdullah Alsharbatly. He counted on Freestyle (by Canros) to get to the finish in 48.27 seconds. Freestyle was jumped in the past by the Dutch Aniek Diks and Doron Kuipers and has been jumping under the saddle of Asharbatly for only ten days now.

Second place went to Ahmen MN Mansour and Estoril de Vardag (by Vaillant). They were also able to keep the zero in the jump-off and stopped the chrono after 51.17 seconds. Only two riders could qualify for the jump-off.

Ramzy Al Duhami and Manola LS La Silla (by Manzanillo LS) was the fastest four-pointer in the basic course, which resulted in a third place.

Mohd Osama El Borai (Hannah-Gold) and Said Saad (Mdeoc de Toxandria) completed the top five.

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