Top results of the day: Lier, Bethune, Poznan, San Remo, Canada, Le Mans and Lons le Saunier

Top results of the day: Lier, Bethune, Poznan, San Remo, Canada, Le Mans and Lons le Saunier

At Belgium's Lier the competition went on with the CSI2* 1m50 Grand Prix. It was Belgium's own Jos Verlooy who took the victory aboard Jacobien Dwerse Hagen (by Va-Vite). The combination held their own in a compelling time of 44.10 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Jos Verlooy - Jacobien Dwerse Hagen

  2. Jeroen de Winter - Leandro VH

  3. Nayel Nassar - Oaks Redwood



In Poznan the competition ended with the 1m45 Medium Tour Final that fell prey to Andrzej Oplatek. He and his El Camp (by Campari M) took the competition in 63.38 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Andrzej Oplatek - El Camp

  2. Antonio Alfonso - Dream van Generhese

  3. Felix Hassmann - Carla


San Remo

In San Remo the 1m45 Grand Prix went to Mathias Larocca who for Switzerland claimed the victory aboard Diablo Blanco (by Chacco Blue) with whom he finished in 35.21 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Matias Larocca - Diablo Blanco

  2. Chiaudani Natale - Cintender

  3. Chiaudani Natele - Chacco Green



French victory in the 1m50Β PrizeΒ of the departmental council of Pas-de-Calais in Bethune. It's Thomas Lambert who claimed yet another victory aboard his Thalie st Loise. He took the competition in 71.02 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Thomas Lambert - Thalie st Loise

  2. Hubert Pignolet - Athos d'Elle

  3. Xavier Francois - Ciento Boudant



In Spruce Meadows the Aeon Cup over 1m50 was for Arturo Parada Vallejo abord Cornet's Dream (by Cornet Obolensky) with whom he claimed victory in 83.050 seconds.

Quick resulst:

  1. Arturo Parada Vallejo - Cornet's Dream

  2. Francisco Pasquel - Naranja

  3. Paolo Amilibia Puig - V.I.P.


Le Mans

In Le Mans the CSI2* 1m45 Grand Prix was for Raphael Goehrs and his Radieuse du Landey (by Allegreto). They claimed victory with 64.56 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Raphael Goehrs - Radieuse du Landey

  2. Mathieu Billot - Shiva d'Amaury

  3. Alexis Gautier - Siroco de Coquerie



Lons le Saunier

French rider Benoit Cennin claims victory in the Grand Prix of Lons le Saunier. This CSI3* competition over 1m60 was no problem for his Uitlanders du Ter (by Clinton) with whom he finished in 39.23 seconds.

Quick results:

  1. Benoit Cennin - Uitlanders du Ter

  2. Michel Robert - Emerette

  3. Alexandra Fontanelle - Prime Time des Vagues