Darragh Kenny: "Every horse deserves to be treated as 'the favorite one'"

Darragh Kenny: "Every horse deserves to be treated as 'the favorite one'"

Darragh Kenny, currently number 6 in the world, has to stay home due to Corona, just like the rest of us. He only recently won the CSI3* Grand Prix of Wellington. Last year he won the CSI5* Grand Prix of Knokke and the Grand Prix of Londen. "At the moment, we are focussing on keeping the horses nice and fit", the Irish rider says. 

"Of course these time aren't perfect for anyone, but we try to make the best of it", Kenny says. "At the moment we are focussing on keeping the horses souplesse. We don't jump them a lot and if we do, we keep it to very low jumps. I just want to make sure they don't lose their rhythm right now. We are still working all of the horses, so if the competitions can start again, we will be ready. I try to focus on keeping the horses nice and fit by doing cavaletti and other gymnastic exercises. Besides that, I really pay much attention to the horses being able to lengthen and shorten exactly when I want it. Of course it's not easy to stay motivated in these difficult times, but when I lose motivation, I try to look at the future and that's what keeps me going". 

"If I always wanted to be a rider? I don't really know but I started riding when I was 2-3 years old. I rode my first competition when I was ten. I was very lucky to have a great education and mentors in my riding career and I always was lucky to have great horses. That combined with the will to make it, got me were I wam today. My family has been very important as well. They always supported my riding career, without them, this would not have been possible. What I would have done if I wasn't a rider? I was always interested in investing banking or something like that so I guess I would be in the financial business", Kenny says. "The two riders I look up to the most, are Marcus Ehning and Steve Guerdat. Besides riders, they also are real 'horsemen" which is important to me. For example; at our stable, we don't have any 'favorite horses'. Each horse deserves to be treated as your favorite horse, so that's what we are doing. Besides Guerdat and Ehning, a lot of top riders are competing at the highest level. We can always learn from each other and that's what makes our sport so special". 

"The best moment of my career? I really liked winning the team final in Barcelona with the Irish time, that one is definitely on my list. I always wanted to win Aga Kahn in Dublin as well, since I was a little boy, so it was amazing when that happened. I'm really sad the CSI of Dublin can't take place this year since it is one of my favorite together with the competition of Aachen and the one of Geneva". 

Source: Q&A Instagram