German riders dominate ranking class Oliva

German riders dominate ranking class Oliva

In Oliva, the ranking class of the GOLD competition was jumped just now. In this class with jump-off, the Germans dominated: they took the entire podium.

Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmerman was the fastest in a jump-off with sixteen combinations. The German was able to keep the zero in the saddle of Chesmu KJ (by Cornet Obolenksy) and finished in 36.49 seconds.

David Will and Forst Gump 29 (by Forsyth) took second place. They too left all the bars in the spoons and finished in 36.54 seconds. Richard Vogel on his turn was good for third place. His Selle Français stallion Alentejo (by Nartago) jumped a clear round in 36.64 seconds.

Emilio Biococchi (Call ME) and Lorenzo de Luca (Kalejandro D) completed the top five.

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