Discover your perfect equine partner with Jens Wawrauschek Horses!

Discover your perfect equine partner with Jens Wawrauschek Horses!

Are you in search of the ideal jumping companion to elevate your equestrian journey? Look no further! Jens Wawrauschek Horses specializes in curating and marketing high-quality jumping horses tailored for professionals, amateurs, and young riders alike. Whether you're on the hunt for your dream equine partner or aiming to showcase and sell your exceptional horse, Jens Wawrauschek is your trusted ally in the equestrian world.

Why choose Jens Wawrauschek horses?


Expert curation

Jens Wawrauschek brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the selection and marketing of jumping horses. With a keen eye for quality, he ensures that every horse in his portfolio meets the highest standards for performance and potential.


For every rider

Whether you're a seasoned professional, an enthusiastic amateur, or a promising young rider, Jens Wawrauschek Horses has the perfect match for you. Each horse is carefully assessed and matched to suit varying skill levels and riding aspirations.


Comprehensive marketing

Looking to sell your exceptional equine partner? Jens Wawrauschek offers comprehensive marketing services to showcase your horse to a discerning audience. Benefit from strategic promotion across various platforms to connect with potential buyers.


How to Get Started:

1. Explore Online: Visit the official website to browse through the impressive collection of jumping horses available.

2. Get in Touch: Have specific requirements or questions? Reach out directly to Jens Wawrauschek via email at Personalized assistance is just an email away.


3. Social Connection: Stay updated on the latest offerings, success stories, and more by following Jens Wawrauschek Horses on social media.


Your perfect match awaits!


Jens Wawrauschek Horses is not just a service; it's a commitment to excellence in the world of show jumping. Whether you're a rider in pursuit of your next partner or a seller seeking the right platform, Jens Wawrauschek is dedicated to making your equestrian dreams a reality.


Connect with Jens Wawrauschek Horses Today and Unleash the Potential of Your Equestrian Journey!