Ludger Beerbaum Stallions houses another champion: Chacco Lover aka Diablo Blanco

Ludger Beerbaum Stallions houses another champion: Chacco Lover aka Diablo Blanco

Introducing Chacco Lover, affectionately known as Diablo Blanco, the latest addition to Ludger Beerbaum's esteemed stallion station in Riesenbeck. Hailing from a prestigious lineage, Chacco Lover, a striking grey born in 2008, stands tall at 174 cm. His lineage boasts illustrious names such as Chacco-Blue, Cento, Latus I, and Pilot, promising exceptional athleticism and performance.

Under the skilled guidance of Matias Larocca, Diablo Blanco has already made his mark in the competitive world of show jumping. With notable achievements including a second-place finish in the Grand Prix of San Remo, third place in Salzburg's Grand Prix, and impressive performances in various international competitions, Diablo Blanco has proven his mettle time and again.

Notably, Diablo Blanco excelled in his stallion performance test in Schlieckau, Germany, achieving a remarkable final jumping score of 9.28. Prior to this, under the expert handling of Manuel Fernandez Saro, he showcased his talent at the World Championships for Young Show Jumpers in Lanaken and secured sixth place in the Youngster Cup at the prestigious CHIO Aachen.

The influence of Diablo Blanco extends beyond the arena, with his licensed sons and offspring making waves in 1.60 m courses worldwide. From Chaccato PS ridden by Hallie Grimes in the USA to Chalou's Love PS piloted by Alexa Stais in Cyprus, his descendants continue to impress with their prowess and agility.

Chacco Lover's lineage boasts notable half-siblings, including the licensed Diablo Blanco, Gabbiano ridden by Ulrich Kirchhoff, and Bacentus under Alvaro Diaz Garcia, all competing at the highest levels of show jumping. His dam, Pennycent, further enhances his pedigree, being a half-sister to the licensed stallion Mesulot PS and esteemed show jumpers Kannan Lover and Carthago Lover, all competing at the elite 1.60 m level.

With a combination of exceptional lineage, proven performance, and a legacy of successful progeny, Chacco Lover, now residing at Ludger Beerbaum's stallion station, represents the epitome of excellence in the world of show jumping.

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