The all feminine team of Cannes Stars proved all the more to be in top form by delivering only clear rounds in Monaco. In the second round, Kim Emmen counted on her Olympic card, Imagine (Cassini Gold) to bring the 1m60 high course to a successful conclusion. Last to start, the fate of the Cannes Stars, where she formed the team with Sophie Hinners, was in her hands. After Hinners finished clear with Iron Dames Singclair (Singular LS La Silla), Emmen also stayed off the wood which gave the power ladies of the Iron Dames another victory, their fourth to be precise. It was Hinners' third time on the GCL stage this season, for Emmen her second.

"When we saw the Prague Lions go double clear again, we knew that we had to take more risks by going faster", Sophie recalls. "We had a plan beforehand but had to adapt in order to be faster than Devos and Bruynseels, without making a fault. I still tried to stick to the plan but tried to cut some strides in the turns. Singclair did an amazing job."

The German rider brought two nine years old horses to one of the most difficult stages of the GCL season: "I'm so proud of my two horses. I was a bit stressed about the difficulties the arena might bring, but they handled it so well and did incredible! The hardest part of the course, in my opinion was the line into the double vertical but both horses managed."

Kim Emmen:" Before the second round I told Sophie that I can handle the pressure quite well, it makes me even more focused on my goal. Sophie gave me some space for the time as I don't have the fastest horse, so she made up for it in order for me to focus on going clear. It really had to happen!"

Prague Lions: "Frustrating not to win with these kind of results!"

Pieter Devos formed the Prague Lions team together with compatriot Niels Bruynseels. The Belgian duo produced a strong result with only clear rounds! With five seconds difference in their overall time, they had to settle for second place in Monaco despite being flawless in what is one of the most difficult courses throughout the GCL season. 

With his homebred Casual DV Z, a 9-year-old daughter of Cornet Obolensky, Devos finished 11th individually in the Grand Prix qualifier. "It's frustrating not to win with such a result," Devos spoke afterwards. "We did what was expected of us. Being the first to start, we focused on a clear round and not so much on time."

Bruynseels picked up: "When you come to Monaco, you know it's going to be a tough battle. The small arena makes it very difficult for many. Both rider and horse have to be in top form and 100% focused in the course because once things go wrong, it's head to head."

Both riders were cheered along the side by their families and relatives. "Monaco has a very special atmosphere about it, almost mythical even. It's nice to be able to stand on the podium with our family with us," Devos concluded.

Valkenswaard United: "The teams in the lead made it look easy"

In third came Valkenswaard United, who had Edwina Tops-Alexander, John Whitaker and Oliver Lazarus at the start of this league. Tops-Alexander saddled the 14 years old Fellow Castlefield (Je T'Aime Flamenco) with whom she's also selected to represent Australia in the Olympic Games 2024. The pair had a rail down and also got accounted for a time penalty. "My horse jumped really good, despite having this unfortunate fault he felt very fresh. I was a but disappointed afterwards but I knew John still had to come and he saved the day, as he always does!"

"The teams in the lead made the course look easy, but it was though", John spoke afterwards. "I knew I didn't have to worry about the time as we already had some penalties, I just tried to jump clear. There was nothing we could do today to beat the strength of the Cannes Stars and Prague Lions."

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