After a meticulous evaluation of the candidates' attitude, motivation, and technical abilities, the Selection Panel, consisting of Otto Becker, Emile Hendrix, and Thierry Pomel, along with the YRA Board, announced the official Young Riders Academy Team 2023.


Of the twenty-five participants, six were nominated for the Full Program team, including Thibeau Spits from Belgium,Hannes Ahlmann from Germany, Sean Monaghan from Ireland, Lars Kersten from the Netherlands, Mira Oliva Hoeidal from Norway, and Robert Murphy from the UK.

Meanwhile, five other riders were selected for the Educational Program team, namely Thibault Philippaerts from Belgium, Tereza Svobodova from the Czech Republic, Niamh McEvoy from Ireland, Egor Shchibrik from Palestine (selected in 2022) and Lily Attwood from the UK.


 The level of candidates is higher every year, and the cultural mindset should grow accordingly “ stated President of YRA, Eleonora Ottaviani, who emphasized the importance of supporting riders not only in their technical skills but also in the management of the sport. She firmly expressed her desire to see these athletes assuming leadership roles in equestrian institutions due to their knowledge and experiences.

Emile Hendrix, a member of the Selection Panel since the inception of the program, explained that the YRA is looking for riders who will make a difference in the future. “The level of applicants has been continuously rising, and being a good rider is not enough anymore. The new young riders have serious goals and are willing to work hard to achieve them. The Selection Panel is searching for qualities that set the candidates apart, including talent, determination, feeling, and organization”.

Otto Becker, another member of the Selection Panel, emphasized that riding properly with good distances is no longer sufficient. He stressed the importance of being special and “having that x-factor that distinguishes the top rider from the rest”.

Finally, Thierry Pomel, who recently joined the selection group, expressed his admiration for the candidates‘ great level and highlighted the unique opportunity they would have to train with different professionals and among the best in the world. “This would undoubtedly provide them with a significant competitive advantage”.


Words from just appointed YRA team ’23:

“I want to learn from the best. I want to take all the know-how and experience from their books and develop it with my own ability and make something special”, Sean Monaghan.

“Many riders I have followed over the years involved in the Academy have gone on to make it to the top of the sport, which is something I am determined to achieve” Robert Murphy.

“I have followed the YRA for some time now and I have always been intrigued by the Academy” Lars Kersten.

“Once in a lifetime experience” Hannes Ahlmann.