"I think there are definitely some places where I could have been a bit faster but I was mainly realistic. I knew Daniel Deusser and Mc Lain Ward were coming after me and they would probably be faster. So I wanted to set a good time and put them under pressure," he explains. 

"I have to admit I'm not surprised Daniel beat me. It's always a shame for the other riders when he comes along because he's at a different level," he laughed. "You have to say it like it is: we all have to keep working to ride like him one day. I am very happy with my horse. She is only 10 years old and she has done her very best".

“This is the first year jumping the five-star level,” he said. “I always believed in her from the beginning to be a very, very special horse, so I honestly wasn’t surprised to see her perform the way she did. She has performed this whole season and every step that she has done since a young horse has been like this. We have been patient, and it has paid off.”

Source: Press Release

Picture: Sportfot