Milton Z was before successfully competed at a 1.60m level by Belgium's Jérome Guery. The Grey was internationally produced by Dutch showjumping rider, Pim Mulder and later entrusted by Romagnoli to Guery. After consultation with Cyril Cools the Italian owner decided to move the horse to Ehning.

"We started the adventure for Milton Z with Jérome Guery. He did a fantastic job. But we do believe Marcus Ehning's approach will be an even better fit for Milton."

With Guery Milton impressed in the Nations Cup competitions of La Baule and Rotterdam. The pair also claimed three international 1.40 - 1.50m victories.

Also the approved sire, Cloe GP Z moves to the stables of Ehning. The sire was before competed by Robbert Ehrens and Cyril Cools.