The Longines League of NationsTM Ranking determines which nations will compete in the world's most prestigious team Jumping event. For the 2025 edition, only the top nine nations globally, along with the Longines League of NationsTM 2024 winning nation, will secure their place in the series’ second edition.The Longines League of NationsTM ranking is determined by combining the points of each nation's top five athletes from the Longines Ranking, along with at least one athlete from the FEI Jumping U25 Ranking. This total score forms the Longines League of NationsTM Ranking.

Ireland leads the way

Ireland remains at the top with 13,840 points, keeping the leading position from November 2023. The Irish have demonstrated remarkable consistency, with all five senior athletes scoring over 2,000 points and ranking within the Top 50 of the Longines Ranking. Additionally, U25 representative Harry Allen is currently ranked second in the FEI Jumping U25 Ranking.

France has climbed to second place with 13,760 points, surpassing the USA, which now sits in third on 13,157 points. Ireland, France, and the USA are the only nations exceeding the 13,000-point threshold.

In the next tier, all scoring above 12,000 points, are Great Britain (12,611 points), Switzerland (12,587 points), Germany (12,359 points), and Belgium (12,185 points). The Netherlands (11,729 points) and Sweden (11,379 points) occupy the eighth and ninth positions, respectively.

The fight for the final qualification spot for the 2025 Longines League of NationsTM edition has proven to be highly competitive for the last few months. While Brazil has claimed this spot for the current edition, Italy currently holds it for 2025 with 10,175 points. Trailing closely are Canada with 9,822 points, Brazil with 9,740 points, Mexico with 8,927 points, and Austria with 8,376 points.

Three teams have been vying for the last spot in the Top 10 over recent months, with Brazil, Canada and Italy temporarily holding the tenth spot, while Mexico and Austria are still close enough to hold options for qualification.

The competition is expected to remain fierce until the end of October, as the November Ranking, following the final of the Series in Barcelona, will ultimately determine the participants for the second edition of the Longines League of NationsTM.

The Crucial Role of U25 Athletes

According to the Longines League of Nations™ Ranking rules, the classification points are determined by the top six athletes from each nation in the Longines Ranking, with at least one of them being an under-25 (U25) athlete. This requirement places significant importance on the younger athletes from each participating nation.

Many of these nations boast one or even two athletes in the Top 10 of the FEI Jumping U25 Ranking, including Harry Charles (GBR), Harry Allen (IRL) and Michael Pender (IRL), Jeanne Sadran (FRA), Natalie Dean (USA) and Mimi Gochman (USA), Lars Kersten (NED), Edouard Schmitz (SUI), and Thibaut Spits (BEL).

The impact of younger athletes extends beyond ranking points to actual competition performance. Several U25 athletes have been selected to participate in the Longines League of Nations™. Notable participants include Michael Pender (IRL), Tani Joosten (NED), Joseph Stockdale (GBR), and Jack Whitaker (GBR) in the inaugural stage in Abu Dhabi (UAE), and Harry Charles (GBR) in Ocala (USA) and St. Gallen (SUI), where Natalie Dean (USA) was also selected to compete.

Following the last qualification stage in Rotterdam (NED) on June 21, the eight finalists will vie for the coveted Longines League of NationsTM Trophy in Barcelona. However, the coming months will also witness an intense scuffle for qualification spots for the next edition, promising an exciting journey ahead.

F. ©: FEI - Benjamin Clark Photography