WFFS with jumping stallions; an overview

WFFS with jumping stallions; an overview
Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome WFFS is an inherited autosomal disorder caused by a single mutation in PLOD1 gene. Mutations in PLOD1 are known to cause a similar disorder in humans known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome VI (EDSVI). Dr. N. Winand discovered the (c.2032G > A) in the PLOD1gene that causes this disorder in certain horse breeds.

WFFS has been identified in a population of horses known as Warmbloods. Primarily originating in Europe during the Middle Ages, Warmblood horses were the result of breeding large cold blood draft horses of northern Europe with hot blooded, lighter and faster Arabian horses that warriors captured in the Middle East and Africa and brought back with them after their battles. As a result Warmbloods are a group of mid-sized horse types often called Sport Horses and developed with the aim of competing in Olympic equestrian sports.

  • A la Carte (v. Abke - NRW Landgestüt)

  • Action Blue (v. Action Breaker - Hengststation Schockemöhle)

  • Amazon (v. A La Carte NRW - Gestüt Sprehe)

  • Balou du Rouet (v. Baloubet du Rouet - Hengststation Schockemöhle)

  • Balou Peggio (v. Balou du Rouet - Landgestüt Celle)

  • Balous Bellini (v. Balou du Rouet - Joachim Tietz)

  • Benthen's Balou (v. Balou du Rouet - Hengststaion Schmidt

  • Bravour (v. Cornet Obolensky - Gocksta Stuteri)

  • Calmando (v. Calido I - Hengststation Beerbaum)

  • Casino Berlin (v. Berlin - Gerd Sosath)

  • Casino Grande (v. Casino Berlin - Gerd Sosath)

  • Casiro I (v. Cassini I - Gerd Sosath)

  • Chacco’s Son II (v. Chacco Blue - René Tebbel)

  • Chacgrano (v. Chacco-Blue - Hengststation Schockemöhle

  • Chapeau Ciaco (v. Clintas - Neustädter Gestüte)

  • Chico’s Boy (v. Carpaccio - Gestüt Sprehe)

  • Chivas (v. Conteur - Landgestüt Celle)

  • Christiano (v. Coriano - NRW Langestüt)

  • Commander (v. Captain Morgan - Hof Brüning)

  • Comte (v. Contendro I - Landgestüt Celle)

  • Conturio (v. Con Sherry - Neustädter Gestüte)

  • Cristallo I (v. Cornet Obolensky - Hengststation Beerbaum)

  • Dicapo (v. Diamant de Semilly - Gestüt Sprehe)

  • Edward (v. Embassy I - Gestüt Celle)

  • Harvy (v. Bernini - Bladdegard

  • Jack (v. Fernando H - Egbert Schep)

  • Jubel ES (v. Harley VDL - Egbert Schep)

  • Lacordos (v. Lancer III - NRW Langestüt)

  • Light On (v. Lordanos - Unknown)

  • Limasol (v. Limes - Neustaedter Gestüt)

  • Londonderry (v. Lauries Crusador xx - Gestüt Celle)

  • Londontimes (v. Londonderry - Gestüt Celle)

  • Metteur (v. Metternich - Otto Walter)

  • Quentin Tarantino Lele (v. Quidam de Reve - Unknown)

  • Regino Adelheid (v. Animo - Tal Milstein Stallions)

  • Ventador (v. Vigo d’Arsouilles - Gestüt Westfalenhof)

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