What Every Horse Rider Should Know Before Riding At Night

What Every Horse Rider Should Know Before Riding At Night
Safety, they say, is the first of all things. So, whatever we are doing that is not safe, we should not do it. However, there are some activities, especially in the sports angle, that will not specifically look unsafe, but they come with some threats that must be avoided. One of those activities is horse riding, especially when it is done at night.

The newest horse riding news is the collision that killed a horse and injured the rider in Desert Hot Springs on Monday. According to the news, a man was enjoying a ride with his horse, only for the SunLine Transit Agency bus to hit them. When this happened, the horse sped off, and while running, another vehicle struck it and killed it.

After the incident which happened by 8: pm on Monday, the dead horse was taken away from the scene of the accident by the Riverside County Department of Animal Services staff. The injured rider was also taken to the Desert Regional Medical Center, where his injuries are to be treated. The story also has it that the driver and passengers on the bus were not injured

Now, the deputy sheriff chief has come out to say that it is lawful for people to ride horses on the streets just like it is for people to drive cars. He said that the same laws regulate both of them. The department has also instituted an investigation into the matter. However, while this investigation is ongoing, it would be great to let potential horse riders know the rudiments and precautions to take whenever they have to ride on the streets at night.

Riding When the Moon Is Out Is the Best

Of course, there is no known way of lighting the horse so that it could see the route from afar and also indicate to oncoming vehicles that it is also coming. That is why every top rated horse racing event is held during the day time. Because of this, you may need extra illumination apart from the normal dim night lighting you see in the streets across the world. That is why riders who intend to do it during the night hours are advised to do it when the moon is out. Many people may neglect this. But the moonlight could give you enough glows to see the areas closest to you while on the horse. The larger areas are highlighted by the moon and the riding path or space properly outlined. If you ride during the full moon, you will be amazed at how the earth is illuminated by this at night.

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Have a Full Knowledge of the Area

Of course, it will be a completely foolhardy attempt for you to ride at night in an area you do not know so well. You are advised only to try night horse riding in areas you have ridden severally during the daytime. When you do, you would understand the areas with obstacles, and potholes, and where the critters are active. You also need to understand where every path leads to, and how to get home, so as to avoid losing your orientation in the middle of a night ride.

Do It with the Right Horse

Never attempt to ride at night with a horse you do not have full communication with. Riding with the nervous type of horse will spell doom for you. If you want to avoid any calamity, then do not ride with any horse that will poke randomly while it is dark.

Ride With Other People

The night horse riding is best done in groups. If you have a group to ride with, it is far better than a solo ride. You will have some safety advantages when you do this. You will have a companion and enjoy the fun of experiencing others, while your horse will enjoy other horses riding side by side with it.