Helgstrand bets on UV light with new challenge

Helgstrand bets on UV light with new challenge

Dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand is focusing on UV lamps with a new collaboration between him and both Lars Seier Christensen and Anders Samuelsen. The company UV Equestrian was founded by the three together and will market UV lamps developed specifically for the equestrian world.

The idea is that the UV light will target viruses and bacteria in order to prevent or at least reduce diseases in stables. The company is aiming its sights first on the Danish and German markets before expanding to other countries. 

The new company is an amalgamation of Equestrian Ventures, led by Andreas Helgstrand on the one hand, and UHV, Lars Seier Christensen's venture on the other. Anders Samuelsen was appointed CEO. 

Seier Christensen and Samuelsen had been working with UV light for some time. The idea had originated to use UV light to compete with Covid-19 but is thus now being used more broadly with an eye on the equine market. They expect it could become an important link in the fight against diseases such as influenza, among others.

Source: Ridehesten