New GP makes winner millionaire

New GP makes winner millionaire

But: the entry fee is 125 000 dollar

On April 7th 2020, this new GP will take place in Santa Fe, California, USA. The winner gets one million dollar, with the total prize pot being 1,5 million dollar. 

Participating in this 'Ante Up' GP is invitation only, with invitations being sent out to the best five US riders on the Longines FEI ranking, the best five international riders and five 'wild cards'. Two onsite reserves will also be selected. 

Riders/ owners can choose what they want to do with the starting fee: they can pay it completely themselves, knowing that if they win, 100% of the money is theirs. Or, they can let an investor pay it, knowing that just 25% of the prize pot is theirs, with 75% going to the investor. 

The GP will be part of the Split Rock Jumping Tour in the United States. The owners of this tour hope to introduce a completely new dynamic to showjumping, drawing attention and raising awareness around the world.". It will be the first live-televised show jumping grand prix in the USA.

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