Germany and France announce EC teams for Rotterdam

Germany and France announce EC teams for Rotterdam

From the 19th of August all eyes will turn toward Rotterdam for the European Championship of Showjumping. Meanwhile, Germany and France also announced their teams. 


The Germans are not planning on leaving anything to chance. With some of the biggest names in the showjumping world, their team is very strong. Think of Christian Ahlmann with Clintrexo Z, Daniel Deusser with Tobago Z and Simone Blum with DSP Alice. Deusser will be bringing a back-up horse (Jasmien vd Bisschop) with him. Marcus Ehning also travels to Rotterdam with two horses: Comme Il Faut and back-up Funky Fred. Maurice Tebbel and Don Diarado will act as a substitute combination. 


The French will also give it their all. Nicolas Delmotte and Urvoso du Roch will be present, alongside Roger Yves Bost and Sangria du Coty. Penelope Leprovost will of course also be there; she plans on riding Vancouver de Lanlore. Kevin Staut is another famous name on the list. He counts on Calevo 2.