Martin Fuchs wins unexpected gold medal at European Championship of Rotterdam

Martin Fuchs wins unexpected gold medal at European Championship of Rotterdam
Thanks to an unbelievable round, Switzerland's Martin Fuchs won the gold medal at the European Championships Show Jumping in Rotterdam! Ben Maher and Explosion W claimed the silver. 


1. Martin Fuchs - Clooney 51
2. Ben Maher - Explosion W
3. Jos Verlooy - Igor

An emotional Martin Fuchs watched in amazement how Ben Maher and Explosion W (Chacco-Blue) took one pole down in round B of this EC Jumping, which was completely unexpected. That meant a gold medal for him and thirteen-year-old Clooney 51 (Cornet Obolensky), the recently elected horse of the year. With 4,46 points, the gold medal was theirs. The pair kicked of this EC with 3,46 points in the first course, after that they had three clear rounds. In this final last round the pair added one penalty for time. 

Ben Maher, who was on track for gold right until this round with barely 0,62 points, had one rail down in the middle of the course after choosing to ride 8 strides. That put him and Explosion W a bit to close to the fence. It cost him the gold medal, but the pair was rewarded with the silver. Ben Maher: "Explosion jumped really well. He didn't need to hit that rail actually, but that's the sport. I'm looking ahead with a positive mindset."

The 23-year-old Belgian rider Jos Verlooy and Igor (Emerald van 't Ruytershof) claimed the bronze medal after winning team gold earlier this week. Verlooy: "I'm ecstatic. All the honour goes to my horse. The pressure was very high, but I was confident and my feeling was just great. This week really paid off. I did have one down in the first round, but I'm a happy rider."

Germany's Simone Blum and DSP Alice (Askari) claimed the fourth place with 10,21 points, compatriot Marcus Ehning and Comme Il Faut (Cornet Obolensky) finished fifth. 

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