Karlsson can still go to the Olympic Games

Karlsson can still go to the Olympic Games

Mathilda Karlsson is allowed to go to the Olympic Games thanks to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports). She won against the FEI on appeal, FEI previously wanted to cancel her participation in the Olympic Games.

Karlsson previously went to the FEI Tribunal because her results were scrapped by FEI and she lost her ticket to the Olympics. Karlsson won nine of the fifteen CSI2 * competitions at Villeneuve, but in some competitions only five combinations appeared and all participants went home with ranking points. The FEI investigated the matter and decided to scrap the results, causing Karlsson to lose her starting spot for the Olympics.

In the FEI Tribunal her request was rejected, Karlsson therefore decided to appeal to the CAS, where she was proved right. CAS has decided that FEI itself is responsible for negligence and violations committed in the demand program approval process during the competitions in Villeneuve.

Karlsson is the first show jumping rider in history to defend Sri Lanka in the Olympic Games.

Source: Schelstraete Law Firm