Paul Schockemöhle buys majority of Onischenko's horses

Paul Schockemöhle buys majority of Onischenko's horses
Germany's horse trader and owner, Paul Schockemöhle has confirmed to our colleagues of St. Georg he has bought no less than 44 horses from Ukraine's Alexander Onischenko. The sale of the 44 horses follow the reports that have surfaced over the last couple of weeks, with Onischenko being accused of involvement in a corruption case in Ukraine.

Onishchenko has long supported, is the team owner of, and has largely been the designer of the Ukrainian show jumping team. But it seems that the billionaire who is also a past member of the Ukrainian Parliament wasn’t playing above board in his business dealings. Onischenko's parliament immunity has now been lifted, as such the billionair can now be prosecuted.


Schockemöhle has not commented on which of Onischenko’s horses he has bought, and if any of their Olympic-prospects are on the transfer list.


Ukraine is qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio in August, and their participation could now be in danger as the fact is that Onishchenko owns or part owns all top-performing CSI5* horses ridden by Ukrainian Olympic hopefuls, and is the financial source of their income and movement. Even if he’s not arrested, it is not impossible that the Ukrainian team riders will be affected by the situation.

Should Ukraine not be able to send a team to Rio, Ireland will move up from their reserve position to take over the spot.  Just the one individual spot that Ireland qualified for Rio has been filled by Greg Broderick, but if a last minute team were allowed, it’s a certainty that the top ranked Irish riders Cian O’Connor, Bertram Allen, and Denis Lynch would come together make a strong Olympic appearance in Rio.