T-minus 50 days before the Olympics! Here's all you need to know about the equestrian disciplines

T-minus 50 days before the Olympics! Here's all you need to know about the equestrian disciplines

Today marks the 50-day countdown to the start of the equestrian events at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the excitement is mounting with every moment. The three Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Eventing and Jumping will take centre stage in the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Versailles from 26 July to 6 August.


The Jumping horses arrive on 30 July and their First Horse Inspection takes place the next day, followed by an evening Training session from 17.15 to 20.00.

The Team Qualifier on Thursday 1 August begins at 11.00 and is open to 20 teams consisting of three athletes per team with all three scores counting.

The Team Final, which kicks off on Friday 2 August at 14.00, is open to the ten best placed teams in Thursday’s competition including those tied for tenth place. Teams that withdraw before the start on Friday will not be replaced, and all teams taking part in the Team Final re-start with zero penalties.

The contest for the Individual medals will take place over two days beginning on Monday 5 August with 75 starters from which the top-30 will go through to the Individual Final on Tuesday 6 August, running in reverse order of classification and all starting again on a zero scoreline.

The Final competition, which will begin at 10.00, will be conducted under Jumping Rules Art. 238.2.2, with one round against the clock with a jump-off in case of a tie on penalties for first place and will bring the equestrian events at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to a close.

The 20 qualified Teams are France, Sweden, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan and Brazil.

Another 15 countries will be represented by Individuals and again places are allocated through FEI Olympic Groups, qualification events and the FEI Olympic Ranking list.


The first Horse Inspection for Dressage will be held on Sunday 28 July at 08.00, and at 11.00 on Tuesday morning 30 July the first 30 horse-and-rider combinations will compete in the Grand Prix while the remaining 30 will do their tests on Wednesday 31.

The top ten ranked Teams in the Grand Prix, including those tied for tenth place, will qualify for the FEI Grand Prix Special which will begin at 10.00 on 3 August and will decide the Team medals.

The second Dressage Horse Inspection will take place at 08.00 on 4 August and will be followed at 10.00 by the Grand Prix Freestyle. This is the Individual Final Competition which is open to 18 combinations qualified from the FEI Grand Prix. The Individual medal ceremony is scheduled for 13.30 on Sunday afternoon.

There will be a total of 15 Teams and 45 athletes along with 15 Individual competitors. The qualified Teams are France, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Finland.

Another 15 countries will be represented by Individuals. Places are allocated through FEI Olympic Groups, qualification events and the FEI Olympic Ranking list.


Eventing will stand alone in that the entire competition will run, without interruption, on consecutive days between 26 and 29 July.

It will begin with the First Horse Inspection on Friday 26 July at 09.30, and the following day 65 horse-and-rider combinations will line out in the Dressage phase, also starting at 09.30 local time.

Eventing Cross-Country is bound to attract a massive audience on Sunday 28 July as the sound of galloping hooves will thunder out across the royal turf beginning at 10.30 in the morning and running right through to 15.00.

And on Monday 29 July, following the Second Horse Inspection at 08.00, both the Team and Individual medals will be awarded following the final Jumping phase back in the arena. The Team medals will be decided in the round that begins at 11.00, and at 15.00 the top-25 will battle it out for the Individual title.

The Dressage Test for Eventing will be the 2024 Olympic Games 5* test (short), the cross-country course will be a maximum of 5,800 metres long with a maximum time of 10 minutes. And the height of fences in the final Jumping phase will be 1.25m for the Team competition and 1.30m for the Individuals.

A total of 16 Teams and 48 athletes will compete for the Team medals including the hosts from France along with Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Italy. Team athletes also compete for the Individual medals.

An additional 17 Individual quota places are allocated through the FEI Olympic Groups and the overall FEI Olympic ranking. The regional distribution coversNorth Western Europe, South Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North America, Central & South America, Africa and the Middle East, South East Asia and Oceania.

Source: FEI