"Farriers are least affected by this current crisis"

"Farriers are least affected by this current crisis"

Corona is affecting all of the equestrian world, so far so clear. Events are being cancelled, horse trading isn't really happening like it was before, ... "Farriers and suppliers of horse feed stay however out of range", Emile Hendrix, former Dutch top rider and owner of Stal Hendrix, says.

"Equestrian business is a very lucrative business, that's clear", Hendrix says. "But that not the case anymore. We see that horse trading is not really happening right now and no more competitions are being organized. Some actors are affected very hard and all of this while costs are still running, definitely for riding schools and trade stables. They have to keep on taking care of the horses and they have to keep on training but there is no income. Top riders usually are receiving prize money but they don't have that either right now. Shows are not happening and we have to wait and see what's going to happen in the future". 

"The only 'group' of people that are not as much affected by all of this, are farriers and suppliers of horse feed", he continues. "They provide essential need for the horses. Of course hoofs keep on growing and horses keep on eating. So at least they can be sure of their jobs". 

Hendrix however remains positive: "I don't believe in doomsday scenarios. I'm convinced that people will keep on riding and will keep on buying horses. Maybe we'll have more possibilities in June, maybe it will take another six months. Nobody knows". 

Source: DVHN.nl