FEI suspends Dr. Cesar Parra after questionable videos were spread on social media

FEI suspends Dr. Cesar Parra after questionable videos were spread on social media

The international equestrian community is in upheaval following the provisional suspension of American dressage rider Dr. Cesar Parra by the FEI. This measure swiftly followed the emergence of shocking videos on social media depicting scenes of abuse. 

Parra, originally from Colombia and naturalized as an American citizen, is temporarily barred from participating in competitions. The FEI has responded to the distressing images and emphasized the crucial importance of horse welfare in the sport.

Dr. Cesar Parra, a renowned dressage rider based in Florida, was provisionally suspended by the FEI, less than 24 hours after video material surfaced on social media. The footage depicted scenes of abuse deemed disturbing and reprehensible by the FEI. More than 70 files on the internet are attributed to Parra, although he is not visible in all of them.

In a statement, the FEI confirmed Parra's suspension, highlighting its immediate nature. The FEI regulations prioritize the welfare of the horse, and any action causing pain or unnecessary discomfort to the animal is considered a serious violation and is penalized.

The equestrian sport is built on respect for its partners, the horses, with a primary concern for their mental and physical well-being. The FEI is committed to maintaining the highest standards for horse welfare and will sanction behaviors deviating from these principles.

The ongoing investigation is conducted in collaboration with the United States Equestrian Federation. No further comments will be made regarding the alleged violations during this process. Parra has not yet responded to the accusations.

The FEI emphasizes its dedication to ensuring a positive welfare for horses in the sport throughout their lives. The provisional suspension and any subsequent sanctions will also be recognized at the national level. The equestrian community anxiously awaits further developments in this case.

Source: St Georg