What does an LGCT season bring to the table?

What does an LGCT season bring to the table?

With the apotheosis of the Longines Global Champions Tour at the Prague Playoffs a little while behind us, we take a look back at how this has financially benefited the top participating riders ...

Remarkable here is that the ultimate winner, Ben Maher, did not hit the jackpot in terms of prize money. The Briton jumped to a total of €491,000.- over the entire LGCT season, and silver rider Pieter Devos went away with a nice win total of €645,448.72. As the number three on the podium, Christian Ahlmann gathered the most money, closing the 17-event season with an additional €693,665.39 on his bank account. 

It should be noted that this prize money is only from the Longines Global Champions Tour 2022, and thus not from the Global Champions League. Even though these sums of money seem of considerable magnitude, not all of it is pure profit for the riders. After deducting transportation, lodging, and maintenance costs, among others, the net earnings are a lot lower.

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Photo: © Tomas Holcbecher for Equnews