Dutch revelation, Pim Mulder: "Owners who are willing to let you continue with a horse for a longer time, that's really nice"

Dutch revelation, Pim Mulder: "Owners who are willing to let you continue with a horse for a longer time, that's really nice"

Every five minutes in his schedule is filled with horses and everything that goes along with it. He always goes for it, always lets the audience enjoy his fine riding skills, and presents the spectators with beautiful rides. Dutch rider Pim Mulder is a rising star and gave us an insight in his career.

Pim wasn't good at soccer, and that's why he didn't enjoy it anymore. When he went to high school and was already twelve years old, he started riding. On a not-so-good pony, but that immediately made him realize that horse riding isn't easy. An E-pony followed, and with it, both M-dressage and M-jumping were achieved.

But Pim wanted more and decided to attend the former training institute in Deurne. He didn't have any contacts in the horse world yet, and it seemed like a good way to make some. For his internships, he was given a list of names of stables, including Johan Heins and Willy van der Ham. He chose Johan Heins. However, he started even before the school year began, during his vacation. Marc Houtzager worked there at that time, and Pim had a great time. When Marc left, Pim got to ride more and received all the help and guidance. However, after the vacation and half a year of internship, Pim had to return to school, which he didn't like; he had had enough quickly. Marc Houtzager was contacted, and Pim could join him. He completed his education part-time and took advantage of all the great opportunities he got with Marc.

The first time with Marc Houtzager

So, that's how it all began. "Last year, I got the chance to participate for the first time at Indoor Friesland. I thought it was incredibly beautiful. Just the shape of the arena, amazing, and also the enthusiastic audience. And when you can achieve such results as I did, it's even better."

War strength

"I'd love to go there again next year. Of course, you're always dependent on the horses you have, but things are looking good at the moment. Nothing against the locations where there are almost weekly competitions, but when you get to go to Leeuwarden, that adds an extra dimension. At the moment, I don't have any idea which horses I'll bring along, but believe me, I'll come at full war strength."

Owners and arrangements

"I've always had plenty of horses, but when I could make that final step, they often got sold. We always start with younger horses; that way, there's a higher chance that one or more will break through. And if you have owners who are willing to continue with a horse for a longer time, that's really nice, and that's the situation I'm in now. By the way, many owners think that it costs a lot of money, but there are always arrangements that can be made to make it work."

Abnormal outdoor season

"I've had an abnormal outdoor season so far. La Baule, Rotterdam, Aken, it couldn't be better. Valkenswaard is still on the schedule, and then I'm going on vacation to France with my family. After that, I'll take a closer look. Maybe the three-star competition in Kronenberg and then moving on to the indoor season. After being successful at Indoor Friesland, being second in the Grand Prix, I got the opportunity to go to Jumping Indoor Maastricht. The rest followed."


"The three-star level was still a bit high for me last year, but I'm getting to know my horses better and if you get to ride them for a longer period, you can take another step up and compete at the top. As has been shown this summer."

Pim Mulder. The proof that reaching the top is achievable for everyone. If you want it. Pim started with nothing and achieved his goal through hard work. 

Source: Indoor Friesland - Marjan de Wildt
Photo ©: Digishots