2023 GC Prague Playoffs Unveils Line-Up for Highly Anticipated Showdown

2023 GC Prague Playoffs Unveils Line-Up for Highly Anticipated Showdown

The grand finale of the 2023 Global Champions Calendar is officially underway. Tomorrow, on November 15th, the highly anticipated GC Prague Playoffs will commence, bringing together elite athletes from the world of show jumping for the fifth edition of this thrilling event. The launch press conference, held today at the impressive O2 arena in the picturesque city of Prague, the 'city of a thousand spires,' officially declared the 2023 GC Prague Playoffs open.

The season-long anticipation has reached its peak as the ultimate showdown begins, featuring over €11 million in prize money. The excitement kicks off with the GCL Super Cup Quarter Final, promising a spectacular display of skill and competition.

Jan Tops, Founder and President of the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL team series: "For us as the organisers and as the riders, this is the event which everyone is working towards all year. Five years ago, we didn't know what to expect with the Playoffs - it was an entirely new concept, and now we have a product created together with the team here in Prague that is completely unique in the world of show jumping for owners, riders, breeders and staff. Even after the four previous years, we are excited to be here and looking forward to an incredible weekend."

Nicola Philippaerts spoke of his team’s success in the 2021 GCL Super Cup, having taken top podium position and riding with the incredible support of the Czech crowd. He said: "To come back to Prague as a rider, we all look forward throughout the year to come to this event, it is sport on the highest level, and the atmosphere is very, very special. With my team this year the Stockholm Hearts, we have brought the best horses and riders. We are lucky enough to qualify straight in to the GCL Super Cup Semi Final on Friday, and for sure we are aiming for the Final. Once we are in the Final, anything can happen - all the scores count and we are going to see very good sport."

Source: Press Release