Bosty and Ballerine de Vilpion best in CSI5*-W 1.50m Equita Lyon: "She's a very fast mare"

Bosty and Ballerine de Vilpion best in CSI5*-W 1.50m Equita Lyon: "She's a very fast mare"
The CSI 5* began this Friday with a 1.50m competition held in two phases. And it was a French victory as Roger-Yves Bost, riding Ballerine de Vilpion, secured the win.

For a long time, it seemed that the French national anthem would not ring out in this opening event of the CSI 5*. Initially, Kendra Claricia Brinkop of Germany, riding Ma Belle, took the lead. The Stephex Stables rider completed her round without penalties in a time of 31.09 seconds. Starting in the 19th position, it took the passage of 18 other horse-and-rider pairs before Romain Duguet with Bel Canto de Boguin managed to lower her time. The Swiss rider didn't lose many seconds on his way and crossed the finish line in 30.74 seconds. But that was before Bosty the rocket came into play! Roger-Yves Bost from the Paris region clearly didn't come to be a mere bystander. Leveraging the speed of his daughter of Baloubet du Rouet, he pushed the limits of his turns to the maximum. Although the Lyon audience held its breath when the first double combination vertical threatened to fall, it could cheer with delight as one of their favorites completed a perfect course in 29.88 seconds. The remaining six pairs couldn't dethrone the Olympic team champion from Rio.

"This is my first victory in Lyon, and I'm always happy to win here. I felt the support of the crowd behind me. Ballerine performed very well. She already had a faultless round last Sunday in the 4* Grand Prix in Saint-Lô. She loves the Lyon arena. She's a very fast mare. The format of the event allowed me to gallop without losing time. Tonight, I'll be riding Delph (de Denat*HDC) in the Longines Grand Prix. If I qualify for the Equita Masters on Saturday night, she will be the one to compete," commented Roger-Yves Bost.

Source: Press Release
Photo©: Gilles Perina