Gold for Gudrun Patteet, bronze for Nicola Philippaerts; Belgian rise above in GP CSI5* Lausanne

Gudrun Patteet and Sea Coast Pebbles Z just took the victory of the Grand Prix CSI5* Lausanne. Nicola Philippaerts took the third place for Belgium as well. Laureen Budde won the CSI2* Grand Prix earlier. 


1. Gudrun Patteet - Sea Coast Pebbles Z
2. Giulia Martinengo Marquet - Elzas
3. Nicola Philippaerts - Katanga vh Dingeshof

We saw seven combinations in the thrilling jump-off. With Sea Coast Pebbles Z (Picasso), Gudrun Patteet won in 37,78 seconds. That was the fastest time of all starters. The Italian rider Martinengo Marquet followed with Elzas (Diamant de Semilly) in 38,45 seconds. 

Nicola Philippaerts and Katanga vh Dingeshof (Carento) finished third in 39,63 seconds, Paul Estermann sent Lord Pepsi (Lord Pezi) to a flawless fourth place. Fellow countryman Niklaus Rutschi and Cardano CH (Chameur) seized the fifth place. 

CSI2* 1,45m

The small GP went to Germanys Laureen Budde with Gosbodino (Granni). Melanie Cloarec followed with Umea de Pleville (Casall), Sophie Gochman took the bronze with Carola BH (Dutch Capitol). 

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