Guery on Kannabis vd Bucxtale: "I immediately saw a special horse in him"

Guery on Kannabis vd Bucxtale: "I immediately saw a special horse in him"

Earlier, the news appeared on our channel that Jérôme Guery would take over the reins of Kannabis vd Bucxtale (by Contact van de Heffinck). Last weekend, they had their debut together during the Brussels Masters. Perfect timing to take a closer look at this new combination. We briefly asked Jérôme Guery to comment on this new collaboration.

The new star in Guery's stables is without question Kannabis vd Bucxtale. The son of Contact van de Heffinck had only arrived for a few days when he already made his debut with Guery in Brussels. The pair immediately had a successful start with a 4th place in the 5*-class on Friday and a rail who kept them of a placing on Saturday in another 5*-class.

"It's hard to explain but a connection is something that cannot be forced", Guery says. "I love his energy and appearance. I have a very good feeling about him and I'm sure we can achieve great results together. I'm already pleasantly surprised". 

Jérôme Guery doesn't make it a secret that he already spotted the horse way earlier. He followed his journey before he was offered to him. "I always liked Kannabis and that's why I kept following him closely. When Pieter Devos eventually called me to ask whether I would be interested or not, I immediately said 'yes!'". 

We like to end with some words of praise from Stephan Detry, president of KBRSF: "I think that apart from all the clear successes Guery had, the emotions and soul he puts into his work make a real hero out of him. Keep the friendship and bond you have with all the people surround you and I'm sure you'll achieve many more successes".