It's Totilas' Birthday Week--and we're celebrating by reliving his career

It's Totilas' Birthday Week--and we're celebrating by reliving his career
When you think dressage the image that is foremost in the minds of horse enthusiasts is the elegant, jet black stallion called Totilas extending across the diagonal to a Hans Zimmer film score arrangement, rending commentators speechless.


"I don't want to say too much, because this horse is incredible and I want everyone to enjoy it," said the commentator, preluding the record breaking 92.3% Olympia freestyle score.

Undoubtably, the Dutch Warmblood stallion sired by Gribaldi is one of the most famous horses in the world. With Edward Gal in the saddle, the stallion dubbed "Toto" passaged his way into our hearts and the record books. He was the first horse ever to win three Gold Medals at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games and held all three grand prix level world records. He and Gal have only been contested by Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro.


He also won two gold medals at the European Championships at Windsor. "87.5...Surely he can't beat that," says the commentator regarding the seemingly untouchable score of the pair before them.

He did, however, with a 90.7%.

His movements inspired goosebumps, like the iconic pirouette paired by the gonging of a clock. If you've ever wondered how a horse could resemble the hands of a timepiece, Totilas has the answer.

The stallion turns a respectable 19 this year, and he has no doubt aged gracefully. Matthias Alexander Rath took over the ride when Totilas was 15, proving that age was just a number as they went on to win 5* grand prixs together despite ongoing battles with injuries.

It was an unfortunate endema which manifested in the bone that ultimately sidelined him from the dressage ring, perhaps a touch sooner than expected. He's now enjoying a comfortable retirement from the sport with European Champion and world-renowned breeder Paul Schockemöhle (GER).

Totilas was sold to Schockemöhle by Kees Visser of Moorland Investments for a figure just as impressive as Totilas' accomplishments.

Still, he has continued to make an impact on the sport of dressage through his breeding activities, and we can be sure to see his continued legacy in the sport for years to come.