Patrice Delaveau beats Belgian home riders in CSI2* Grand Prix Knokke

The brilliant Grand Prix of Knokke didn't end with a Belgian victory; the French rider Patrice Delaveau was able to beat a row of Belgians with Bahia de Mars (Kannan). 


1. Patrice Delaveau - Bahia de Mars
2. Dominique Hendrickx - Castor vh Molenhof Z
3. Jos Verlooy - Varoune 

Eight-year-old Bahia finished in 37,98 seconds during the jump-off, one second faster than Dominique Hendrickx with Castor (Catoki). Fellow countryman Jos Verlooy put his faith in the eleven-year-old Varoune (Verdi) for his third place in 40,5 seconds. 

Evelyne Blaton and Zolina (Solitair) took the fourth place for Belgium, Felicie Bertrand and Creta LS La Silla (Casall ASK) finished fifth. 

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