Ramzy Al Duhami the fastest!

Ramzy Al Duhami the fastest!

The tenth edition of the Morocco Royal Tour began yesterday in the facilities of the Royal Guard of Tetouan. The hundred and eight riders from twenty-five different nations enjoy the great Moroccan sun, and were competing today for the qualifier for the Grand Prix to be held on Sunday afternoon.

With nearly one hundred and twenty-five riders at the start to compete for the right to run the main class of the weekend, it was necessary to go be quick to snatch the victory of the Prix du Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports, a 1.45m class against the clock. And the one who managed to lower the clock to the lowest, finishing its course in a record time of 62.79 seconds is none other than the Saudi Ramzy Al Duhami.

“I did not really see Emanuele’s round, I saw that he was five seconds faster than everyone at this moment. I also have a fast horse. I thought that I had to start the class and see how I felt him and if everything was good, try to get his time. I had a good shot on the beginning, so I kept going and succeed to beat his time. I am really happy. I have been riding this horse for three years now. He is a really good 1.45-1.50 horse and I try to keep him in his comfort zone.
It is nice to be here, it is a very nice show. The conditions are always great. As it is in the Arabian league, we get points for the ranking list, and this year, also for the Olympics, so it is even more important for us to be here. The Morocco Royal Tour also fits very well in the schedule”, says Al Duhami.

Riding High Quality J, he is ahead of one of the fastest couples on the planet, the Italian Emanuele Gaudiano and his faithful Carlotta 232, for only 9 hundredths! The latter thus confirms his very good shape, as well as that of his horses, since he won in the big class of the day before. The Italian colors are also present on the third step of the podium - whose representatives are very efficient in the beginning of the weekend - thanks to Roberto Tuchetto and Adare, authors of a course in 65.60 seconds.

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