The Hungarian dream come true: Gábor Szabó jr. won the Grand Prix for the third time in Budapest

The Hungarian dream come true: Gábor Szabó jr. won the Grand Prix for the third time in Budapest

The Hungarian dream come true: Gábor Szabó jr. won the Grand Prix for the third time in


The highlight of the CSI***-W International Show Jumping competition’s last day was the

Grand Prix with the total prize money of € 30,000. The very much anticipated class, which

included 13 obstacles and a total of 16 efforts, reaching 160 centimeters in height, was worthy

of the world-class flag. 54 riders managed to qualify based on the results of the past few days,

but only 49 of them took on the challenge.

In the first half of the competition there weren’t any clear rounds, however some riders

completed the course without faults. After the first few contestants it was clear, that it is

nearly impossible to finish the course within the time allowed, and for a while it seemed like

one penalty point will qualify them into the jump-off. But then, the excellence of the Czech’s,

Zuzana Zelinkova cleared the course within the time allowed, and broke the ice. She was

quickly followed by three other riders, thus the four of them, Zuzana Zelinkova and Ales

Opartny from the Czech Republic, Rene Tebbel representing Ukraine, and the Hungarian two

times winner of the CSIO Grand Prix of Budapest, Gábor Szabó jr. qualified for the jump-off.

The Nations Cup winner Zuzana Zelinkova was the first rider against the clock and trusting her

horse she started with a strong pace. With cutting one stride from the first line she finished

with a very good time, 45.04 seconds, but the high tempo resulted in a fault in the

combination, which meant 4 penalty points for her.

She was followed by her teammate, the European Championship gold medalist Ales Opartny,

who also chose to cut the first line with his long-strided horse Sangris Boy, which resulted in a

fault for him as well. He completed the jump-off with the same 4 penalty points in 47.30


The Olympian Rene Tebbel representing Ukraine was the last but one, whose tactic was a safe

clear round. He rode the first half of the course with a moderate tempo, but after making a

fault on the combination he rose his speed and finished with 46.03 seconds, which was the

second-best time.

There was enough reason to be excited for the last rider, since he was the defending

Hungarian champion Gábor Szabó jr., and there were no clear rounds yet. Gabó chose the

tactic of a safe clear round as well, and with a conscious but energetic ride, which is so

characteristic of the pair, he cleared the jump-off and won the Grand Prix bringing great joy to

the Hungarian fans of show jumping! He rode the chestnut mare Timpex Bölcsész, who is

bred and owned by István Tárbály, and has been a loyal partner of his in the national team for

years now. Gábor Szabó jr. showed his special talent to the great number of spectators again.

He has further developed his miraculous riding career after winning the CSIO Grand Prix in

Budapest in 2014 with Timpex Cent, and in 2016 with Timpex Bölcsész.

On the fifth place, with only 4 tenths of second out of the time allowed, ended Andrea Herck

representing Romania, beating the Lithuanian Donatas Janciauskas and the Bulgarian Angel


Ferenc Szentirmai, representing Ukraine, took eights place with his fastest ride at 4 penalties.

He completed an excellent round and was unlucky to have one rod down.

Two further Hungarian riders finished with scorer positions. István Máté jr., who rode double

clear rounds two weeks ago in Bulgaria in the Nations Cup with Chacrinue owned by Gábor

Szombati, and the Nations Cup winner Balázs Horváth with Zordon.

SOURCE: Press Release CSIO Budapest