Jérome Guery: "Knowing you have to be clear puts the pressure up ..."

Jérome Guery: "Knowing you have to be clear puts the pressure up ..."

Belgium hasn't missed its Nations Cup season kick-off, after winning the Nations Cup in La Baule on Friday. After the prices were handed out, Belgium teamchef, Peter Weinberg reacted with a big smile. "Today the riders were offered an honest, but also difficult course. You needed a good horse-rider bond to be able to complete faultless. But do be honest, that is something a Nations Cup course needs..."

According to the Belgium teamchef you needed a talented but also intelligent horse to be able to win in La Baule. "I did win at this same competition, when I represented Germany. That is why La Baule always has a special memory for me," Weinberg continues. "Normally Gregory Wathelet is my first pick to start as last rider in championships. But with Nevados he can count on a fast horse, therefor I changed tactics and decided to let Jérome Guery start as last rider and Gregory as first."

Gregory and Jérome react.

"I am extremely happy to be able to compete again in La Baule," Gregory Wathelet reacts. "The atmosphere and crowd motivated me. After the Covid period this still has a positive influence on how we ride and react in the ring."

Also Jérome Guery had difficulties hiding his smile. "La Baule is a super competition, you might have deducted this from my earlier Social Media posts (laughs). In my first round I might have been a bit over confident. I knew that I had to be clear in my second round, and that is no easy task to do when you are up as last rider ... but all was good."