Jur Vrieling: "Horseriding is a disease (for life) without a cure..."

Jur Vrieling: "Horseriding is a disease (for life)  without a cure..."

The wise man says... Your horse. If you have it, it is for life. It is a disease for which there is no cure... a nice quote we stumbled upon looking in our archives.

Training horses is a path, not a destination. Becoming a horseman or a horsewoman is not some elevated summit to reach but a journey to be undertaken. The way of the horse is a prescription for engaging the Universe. Highlights…

No matter how good a rider you are and how well trained your horse is, you can always learn more.
When you lead your horse you make a choice: teach or be taught. Where we look is where we focus our willing. When teaching your horse always let him reflect long enough to make his own choice. Release your pressure as soon as your horse begins to think about doing the right thing.

You can achieve a goal quickly when it has no time limit. Outstanding achievements are obtained with inexhaustible patience. A jump should never become a psychological obstacle for your horse. The difference between being merely attached to your horse and being conncted to him is your state of mind. (Zen mind, Zen horse)