Marcus Ehning: "Nothing has changed in the ring..."

Marcus Ehning: "Nothing has changed in the ring..."

Last week Marcus Ehning returned to the showground in St Tropez. "Despite the forced competition break, nothing has changed in the ring..." the top rider states.

You are participating in Hubside Jumping for the first time. What are your impressions?

I must admit that I am really impressed. The facilities are superb, the ring is very pleasant, the paddock is huge, there it is a very pleasant calm, the stables are perfect. In short, I am in love. About the ring, it offers a really perfect size: it is very big but we don’t have the impression of an open track, we stay on formats that I really like. The courses so far are very well designed and you can say that my horses are enjoying themselves here in Grimaud.

About your horses, how are they after this break of several months?

After this long break, it is true that some of my horses were a little “asleep” yesterday at the stables, but once on the track, nothing had changed, I immediately found them! I came to Hubside Jumping with five horses, the youngest of which is nine years old: we can therefore consider that they all already have a good experience, and know how to be focused when necessary. National competitions resumed some time ago in Germany, but I did not participate in any of them. The Hubside Jumping is therefore my first competition in over three months. After these few days in Grimaud, I am returning to Germany on Sunday, but will be back at the Hubside Jumping for the CSI 5 * and CSI 4 * in July, most likely with the same horses that are accompanying me this week.

You who spend your life in Competition so lockdown has not been too difficult to bear, hasn’t it?

I tried to train at home but you know, I have four children who were also confined and kept me busy (smile)! I also did a lot of storage at home. It is true that in normal times, when I am at home, I do much less and devote myself much more to my horses than what happened during confinement. Two of my children are in school, so I had to go to school at home. So I became a teacher and believe me, it is much easier than jumping over poles!

Source: Press Release