Q&A with Harry Charles: "Wearing a tie to do a physical sport makes no sense to me ..."

Q&A with Harry Charles: "Wearing a tie to do a physical sport makes no sense to me ..."

British youth rider Harry Charles made his 5* debut in Aachen five years ago, and has been very busy ever since. Charles has been the undefeated number one in the FEI Jumping U25 ranking for some time now, and is also fifteenth in the overall world ranking. In addition, he was already part of the jumping team of Great Britain during both the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the World Equestrian Games in Herning, where he jumped to team bronze. A Q&A from Equnews gives a quick insight behind the scenes of this young phenomenon.

What profession would you have chosen if you hadn't become a professional rider?


If you could ride any horse in the world, which horse would you choose?

Explosion W - Olympic champion under Ben Maher

Do you prefer a grass or sand arena?


Are you more a fan of geldings, mares, or stallions?

Most of my successes have already been achieved with geldings.

How do you prefer to transport your horses: truck or plane?


Do you ride with or without gloves?

With gloves

If you had to choose: never ride a Nations Cup, or never participate in the Olympic Games?

In that case, never ride a Nations Cup ...

What do you like best: grooming your horse, or cleaning your stuff?

Grooming my horse

What is your method of relaxing during a competition?

Listen to music

What is your favorite dressage and jumping exercise?

In dressage the pirouette, in jumping nothing special ... I just like to jump!

In both cases I prefer to train outside.

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of a career in equestrian sports for you?

You get the opportunity to travel all over the world with your horses, that's great!

But ... we have to wear a tie to practice a physical sport. That makes no sense to me!

What is your tip for training a young horse?

Patience ...

And your ultimate tip to make it in the horse world?

Patience, perseverance, and luck.